A storming musical tribute to Donald Trump

Don’t know why
They should find a case to try
From Stormy Daniels:
Now I need a jury full of spaniels.
Who knows where I can buy ‘em?
If they look smart
I’ll have to knock the jurors
Off the panels.
Using all my friends in the right channels.
Not going down for crime (wah-wah)
Not serving any time.

I paid her off to say that she had never met me
Now she’s back and everybody’s out to get me
Now I’ve got to hope that all the courts will let me
In the White House again.

When I’m there
I’ll have a lifetime free of care from
Mattters stormy.
No more legal worries ever for me.
Pardon myself for all crime:
Not guilty and for all time.

Music by Harold Arlen Original words by Ted Koehler

Available for performance, with apologies to the jurors now selected. No implication that you are paid spaniels: I just needed the rhymes. It’s all about Trump.

16. April 2024 by rkh
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