YOUR VERY OWN RICKY RUBATO awardwinning screenplay and novella

An offbeat romance saves a little town from depression

Ricky Rubato is a pianist and crooner. He once had a fine career but now he is playing it out in small towns that have seen better times – such as depression-hit Flattenburg. And even there, he’s only as a late substitute for the featured attraction, Beppo the Wonder Dog, who has crashed and burned and gone into rehab. On his opening night at the Polo Lunge (one of its neon letters is out) who should walk into the joint but Greta Sharp, the most ruthless woman on Wall Street? She’s come to Flattenburg only to close down its last remaining major business. But under the influence of Ricky’s tired nightclub standards, she melts. She rediscovers her lost self, a child raised in a similar small town. She falls in love with Ricky. Together they restore Beppo and then (with key help from Beppo) they save the little town with a magical new musical product.

Along the way, Ricky reveals the hitherto secret life of the Queen of England as a rock-n-roll groupie, and promotes a romance between his two oldest friends. Together the friends turn the world’s least promising book (entitled Metallurgy In Turkestan) into a smash-hit musical. The two (now married) couples perform its hit song (I Take My Time From You) in a private party for the Queen. She finds it charming, but would still rather listen to her favourite rock group.

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15. July 2011 by rkh
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