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British author converts Mitt Romney from Mormonism (shock)

Tweet   The event to fit this sensational headline has not yet occurred, But here is the text of a letter I sent to Mitt Romney to coincide with the publication of my pamphlet Hi! My Name’s Richard And I … Continue reading

17. June 2012 by rkh
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Mitt Romney’s Mormon God: A Very Poor Chief Executive

Tweet Mitt Romney combines being a Mormon with being a management consultant. I wonder how he would evaluate the performance of his chosen God as a chief executive. For several thousand years Mr God runs a traditional small business in … Continue reading

05. June 2012 by rkh
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Revised Bill to prohibit sale of supernatural interventiion

Tweet Sale Of Supernatural Or Spiritual Benefit (Prohibition) Bill 2012 Revised to make sure of catching the Mormons An act to prohibit the obtaining of anything of value in exchange for procuring or avoiding any form of supernatural intervention or … Continue reading

24. May 2012 by rkh
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