Vamp Against Vlad

A global musical protest against Putin

In the Vamp Against Vlad, people all over the world at a given moment would play, sing, or chant one chosen minor chord – against Putin. It would not need any words. G Minor should be in most people’s range. They could play it together (the biggest loudest chord ever played) or in relay as people pick up the chord from each other, making the longest chord in history. Famous performers in all musical genres might lead it.

In a crowd of millions, inevitably some performers would come in late and some would be above or below concert pitch. No matter: their efforts would actually reinforce the raspberry message of the Vamp chord.

The Vamp should begin at noon Moscow time on the chosen date. In a global event, it might be passed east to west through time zones to hit noon in each one, and then resume daily where it started. It would be brilliant if Russian protesters joined in, and it would tie down a huge part of Putin’s security apparatus if it had to arrest anybody on suspicion of performing a , G Natural or B Flat or D Natural. Moreover, Putin’s cultural controllers would look stupid if they tried to ban every musical work in G Minor.

25. February 2022 by rkh
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