Dump Trump

More free materials for this purpose. Any anti-Trumpers may use as they wish without attribution. Apologies for any repeats, but if they were good before they’re still good now.

Some simple narratives for Biden-Harris
Trump is not fit to be your President and represent you. I will never make you ashamed of your President. Trump is going to lose. For once in his career, he should put America before himself and lose with dignity.

A worse virus than COVID is likely to hit America in the next four years. I have a plan for it, to preserve and protect the United States. Or will you give Donald Trump another chance to do things his way – crash the economy again and cause thousands more unnecessary deaths?

The Obama-Biden administration saved the American economy from the Bush crash and the Biden-Harris administration will save it from the Trump slump.

Trump stokes up violence and vigilantes. He threatens civil war in America. No one is safe when every crazy with a gun gets a free pass from the President. We will heal America. We will enforce the law firmly but fairly for all. Everyone will get a police force they can trust.

There is never any excuse for rioting and looting. Rioters and looters are parasites on BlackLivesMatter and everyone else protesting in the cause of justice – and they’re all helping Donald Trump. Poor people are their biggest victims. Our administration will fight them and keep America safe – with proper law enforcement not vigilantes with guns.

For all Christian voters
Repeating for convenience a passage from the Trump Bible:
St Paul to the Corinthians (New Revised Standard Version):
And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.
From Trump’s upside-down Bible (Revised No-Standards Version)

St Donald to the Covidians :
And now fear, hate and self-love abide, these three, and my greatest of these is self-love.

In St Luke’s Gospel (King James Version) Jesus says: “Suffer little children to come unto me.” Donald Trump does only the first three words.

For believers faith means too things above all else. First, putting others before yourself. When has Donald Trump ever done that?

Might be illustrated with the image from a while back. Trump walking off Presidential plane on a very wet and windy day carrying a giant umbrella to protect his hair-do. Behind him Melania and his son Barron (then I think about 11), no umbrella, taking the full force of the wind and rain. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5273011/Trump-holds-umbrella-self-boards-Air-Force-One.html

Second: faith means accepting responsibility before God and before your fellow humans for the effect of your words and actions. When has Donald Trump ever done that?

Paybacks for donors: the pre-paid President Nail myth that Trump paid for own campaign in 2016. Find all his big donors and show what he did to pay them back. Ideally a new one each day. Call him the pre-paid President.

Trump and environment. Don’t think we’ve heard enough about this: no voters anywhere like poisoned air and water, trashed landscapes. Big-name speakers should make a point of visiting local examples and blaming them on Trump policies, especially paybacks to campaign donors. Name such places after Trump – Lake Trump, River Trump, Mount Trump etc. Find older voters who can remember them listen to their descriptions of them as they used to be, and promise to restore them.

Trump Street As above. On any campaign appearance to an economically depressed town setting, name it after him: Trump Mall, Trump Square. I think Trump Street is especially evocative.

A message to all non-Americans who love the United States It would normally be wrong for foreigners to try to influence any American election (although tell that to Vladimir Putin). But these are not normal times and this is not a normal President. Suppose you see someone you love about to make a terrible decision: a ruinous investment, getting into a car with a drunk driver, renewing an abusive relationship. Do you stand aside or do you try to prevent it? Tell America what you think of Donald Trump.

A message to all American bridge lovers: the only good bid this election is a Strong No-Trump.

A few cheap shots

They chose the wrong Donald. Write in Duck instead of Trump on the ballot. Donald Duck for President: he makes more sense.

Donald Trump: fat fool… fat fraud… fat fake… fat fibber… fat chance.

Dump Trump End The Slump

A really cheap shot as a possible badge or poster Trump image with WARNING TOXIC WASTE DO NOT APPROACH DO NOT RE-ELECT

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