Campaign themes (and jokes) against Trump

These suggestions are a free resource for the Democratic party and anyone campaigning against the re-election of Donald Trump.

Virus The world environment and economy have become a breeding ground for new viruses. It is highly likely that something worse than Covid will hit the world and the United States in the next four years. Do you want Donald Trump to handle the next virus? Do you want thousands more unnecessary deaths? Do you want him to crash the economy all over again?

Law and order Make Trump answer personally for every single wrongful act by police or armed Rightwing vigilantes. “Trump thinks it’s fine for police officers to choke an unresisting man to death… or shoot him in the back in front of his children.” Etc Make him answer especially for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager in a far Right militia who killed protestors in Kenosha with an automatic weapon. This should resonate especially with decent families. Trump thinks it fine for children to use automatic weapons. Might even ask whether Trump would let his own teenage son use one.

If it’s not the law already, Joe Biden might propose “one-strike-and-you’re-out” for gun owners. Use a gun to commit a crime or let another use it for a crime and you lose your right to own a gun. Simple, comprehensible, drives wedge between responsible gun owners and others. Make Trump and gun lobby find arguments against it.

Policing. Of course Democrats support police officers and departments in their job of protecting people. But they can’t do that if police officers behave like vigilantes. Nobody’s safe when that happens. Law and order collapses. America turns into a tinpot state where the police are out of control. Like Russia under Trump’s good buddy Vladimir Putin. Trump gives a free pass to any racist, trigger-happy, violent police officers. We say they’ve betrayed their colleagues, their community and their country.

Rioting Rioters and looters should be denounced instantly and often. But point out also that Trump loves them. They’re doing his work for him. It might be good politics to spread the idea that some might be in the pay of Trump supporters – or even Russia, trying to help him out. No evidence for this (yet) but of course that’s never bothered Trump. Plenty of historic precedent for Rightwing regimes recruiting revolutionary terrorists (Tsarist regime in Russia paid thousands, including Stalin) or committing terrorist crimes secretly and blaming them on opponents (Nazis setting fire to Reichstag 1933 and blaming patsy, confused revolutionary van der Lubbe.) More recently, Putin did this in Russia using bombing or arson attacks to gain or consolidate power. Straight out of the Putin playbook to use same strategy in USA.

Economy Repeat over and over, Trump inherited a strong economy from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. (Just as he got lots of his daddy’s money to start his business empire.) The Obama-Biden administration pulled America out of the Bush recession: the Biden-Harris one will pull America’s out of Trump’s.

Show simply each day how much Trump’s economic policies gave to the richest ahead of the poorest, especially to donors.

Highlight Trump donors who threw Americans out of work, or cut their wages and rights, and outsourced production – especially to China.

Corruption Attack myth that Trump paid for own campaign in 2016. Name his donors and each day highlight a favor he’s done for one of them. Call Trump a pre-paid President.

(Politely) unsettling Trump’s voters in 2016
Lots of fundamentally decent people were among the 63 million who voted for Trump in 2016. They might be shaken out of Trump’s column in 2020 by showing that he does not represent them or their values. That represents half a vote for Biden even if they don’t come all the way over. Moreover, it would represent a significant gain in individual communities if Trump lost his advocates among respected people and had to find them from those as weird or bad as himself. A few questions below to help achieve this, all focused on Trump’s bad character and lack of standards voters expect from leaders of their own communities:

Would you want Trump as your family doctor? Has he done what you’d expect your doctor to do to keep your family alive and healthy?

Would you trust Trump as your local law enforcement officer to apply the law fairly and equally and go after vigilantes and crazies and rich bad guys?

Do you think Donald Trump obeys the same laws and rules that you do, and pays his tax bill the way you have to pay yours?

If you met Donald Trump in the line for a long bus ride or plane trip would you want him to sit next to you? Or to be near you and your family in a restaurant or at a ball game? Or might you think – anyone but this guy yammering in my ear?

Do you believe that Donald Trump had bonespurs during the Vietnam war? Do you think he has any idea what it means to be a veteran?

If you have a business of your own, did you start it on your own money or did you have a rich daddy? Did you pay your bills on time – or cheat your creditors over and over again? Would you want to do business with Donald Trump now?

Would you want your young daughter to work for Donald Trump, or go to a party with him and his friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

Does Donald Trump meet the standards you’d expect in your minister of religion? Do you think Donald Trump has ever put Christian principles ahead of his own interests, in political or personal life? Do you think Donald Trump has ever made any kind of sacrifice in his life? Is there anyone chosen by God in the Bible who acts in any way like Donald Trump? Did Jesus Christ ever act like Donald Trump?

If you have children, would you like them to grow up like Donald Trump? Would you let your five-year-old have public tantrums like Donald Trump and tell fibs like Donald Trump’s?

Britain hates Trump Not a major factor but most Americans have a favorable view of Britain so it might be worth reminding them that Britain hates Trump. Most recent survey (by British pollsters YouGov) 68 per cent gave Trump an unfavorable rating – worst performance in Britain by any US President.

But Putin loves him… Most Americans have a poor view of Putin. So remind them that Putin wanted him to win in 2016 and wants this again. Speculate why. Call Trump “Putin’s puppy” (possible poster/video) or “patsy.”

A possible campaign slogan A TIME TO HEAL… Biblical, applies to virus and America generally. Was the title of Gerald Ford’s memoirs. Ford looks like a giant compared to Trump now, and it might remind older voters of Republican party which Trump has taken from them.

A few zingers and jokes, especially for speakers taking the low road:

If you can understand anything Trump says, he must be lying.
Mike Pence gives mediocrity a bad name.
Coming soon, the world’s smallest public building, the Donald Trump Presidential Library.
Donald Trump: dumb but never mute.
Donald Trump: sick visions, out of control. Help America recover from the DTs.
Donald Trump: as yellow as his hair.

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