The Dirge And Downfall Of Donald Trump

The Virus does not know or care whether people are protesting in a good cause: it is dangerous and anti-social to hold any kind of mass demonstration in these times. Indeed, if the Virus has any political agenda it is as a reactionary and a racist, since it is more likely to kill poor people than rich and (apparently) BAME people rather than white. Why help it?

So here’s an alternative form of protest which could be done massively but also distantly. For alliterative reasons alone I’ll focus it on Trump and call it the Donald Dirge.

At a given moment, people would play, sing, or chant one chosen minor chord – against Trump. E Flat Minor should be in most people’s range. They could play it together (the biggest loudest chord ever played) or in relay as people pick up the chord from each other, making the longest chord in history. Famous performers in all musical genres might lead this event.

Originally, I thought this might take place when Trump is formally renominated on August 27. But that now seems too late, and we should make an earlier musical Date with Donald (didn’t want to call it D-Day, which should be reserved for those remembered on June 6.) At twelve noon on the chosen Date, people would perform the Donald Dirge. If this were a global event, the Donald Dirge could be passed from east to west to hit twelve noon in each time zone. If successful, it could become the Daily Donald Dirge.

Of course there might be some musical retaliation from Trump supporters. But I have to believe that in a contest among the world’s musicians Trump would go down to a landslide defeat.

This form of protest need not and should not be confined to Trump. Putin should get a dirge too in a different key, and conventional Western tuning would allow for ten other tyrannical targets. There might be more appropriate local musical dirges for Mr Xi, the Paramount Brute in China, and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

It would be too flattering to allot a musical chord to the Clown Prince of Britain, Boris Johnson. A mass issue of kazoos is quite enough for him.

Some months ago, I had a few other ideas to contribute Trump’s downfall. In these times some seem too mild, but I set them all down in case they are of value to anyone campaigning against him. Each may be used freely and without acknowledgement.

One: a passage on Trump and the epidemic. “The plague needed calm, honest, diligent leadership. Instead we got Donald Trump, a frightened, hollow man who has been found out, who can no longer be protected by his bodyguard of lies, a Commander-in-Chief who cannot even command himself, let alone preserve and protect the United States.”

Two: invite anti-Trump citizens in local communities across the United States to apply formally to re-name a local eyesore or black spot after Donald Trump. Especially one showing the impact of his administration’s policies. So a depressed main street, with boarded-up stores and businesses, would become TRUMP STREET. Polluted waterways would become TRUMP RIVER or LAKE TRUMP. Ruined landscapes would become TRUMP HILL or TRUMP FLATS. A big waste dump would of course be TRUMP TOWER. Such efforts would mobilize and connect anti-Trump voters. Even if the re-naming proposals fail, the names might stick. Each one would generate a colorful picture story for local and national media, and give anti-Trump speakers a backdrop for campaign appearances, even if these have to be virtual in a lockdown campaign.

Even if this scheme fails to gain traction, TRUMP STREET could be a resonant theme in campaign oratory. Speakers might appeal to the people living on Trump Street (through no fault of their own) who saw nothing from Trump’s four years, maybe families working three or four low-wage jobs barely able to make ends meet, living on top of each other in too small a space, living constantly on the edge of disaster (a health emergency, the loss of a day’s or night’s work, the need for home or car repairs), people who have had to abandon their ambitions or even their leisure recreations, people who are never going to be able to stay at a Trump resort…

Of course millions of people on TRUMP STREET have lost what little they had, and have little hope that a re-elected Trump will give it back to them.

To such audiences speakers might ask “Has Trump made America great for you?” although as with any rhetorical question, they need to be very certain of the response!

Three: Another effective image for campaign speeches. Donald Trump as a figure everyone knows. “You go out for a quiet drink or something to eat or to watch a ball game, or take your family out to have some quality time together, and there is this loudmouth idiot who wrecks it for you. He lives in a world of his own, he talks high-volume non-stop garbage about anything, especially himself and how wonderful he is, and he never lets up. Everyone’s met this guy. You’re about to take a long airplane flight or bus trip and he’s in the line, and you think ‘Please don’t let this guy sit next to me.’ That’s Donald Trump. He’s been yammering in your ear non-stop since 2014. Do you want to hear him yammering for the next four years?”

“Donald Trump has no nadirs. You think he cannot get any worse, but he never disappoints.”

“If only the election were a game of bridge. America’s best bid: One No-Trump. Strong.”

05. June 2020 by rkh
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