Protesting Against A Trump Stolen Election: NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION

How many people remember Seven Days In May? A best-selling political thriller of the early 60s, it was made into a movie. A liberal President (Frederic March) makes an arms treaty with Soviet Union. A popular charismatic patriotic general, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Burt Lancaster) is fiercely opposed. He forms a military cabal to seize the government. This is frustrated by a loyal Marine colonel (Kirk Douglas) with unnecessary but still lovely help from his ex-mistress (Ava Gardner). The President is saved and with him the American constitution and system of government.

The movie was resisted by the Pentagon but received secret help to gain access to authentic locations on the orders of President Kennedy, who did not trust his generals. Sadly, he never got to see the released version.

I have written a remake. The President is borderline deranged. He is coherent only when he is lying. He either cannot or will not read important documents. He ingests untested drugs. He is enraged by questioning, never mind contradiction. He encourages armed mobs to threaten opposing state governments. To help him win a second term, millions of likely voters for his challenger are being kept off the register for weird reasons or told to risk death if they do go out to vote. Of course, this will need careful exposition to make it believable.

I start with the same basic plot as the original. The charismatic patriotic general forms a military cabal to overthrow the President. The marine colonel is the only one who can stop it, with the help of his ex-mistress. But I want another happy ending. So the marine colonel finds that the ex-mistress is still smoking hot. They rekindle their … (punches cliché button)… all right, torrid affair and forget the President. The military cabal takes over and provides a short sane administration which organizes a clean election.

I have sent the outline to the present chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark A Milley, to ask whom he would like to play him. Or better still, could he make it a fly-on-the-wall documentary?


My plans for a remake of Seven Days In May (see earlier), in which the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, saves the country from an election stolen by Donald Trump, are in development hell.

Instead we are forced to contemplate this real-life scenario. After an election in which tens of millions of likely Democrat voters are denied a vote, Trump nonetheless loses both in the popular vote and the Electoral College. However, he refuses to concede. By a mixture of legal challenges and outright intimidation, his supporters prevent the authorities in several key Democratic states from certifying their election returns. Joe Biden is thus denied the requisite majority in the Electoral College. The election is thrown to the House of Representatives, but not to the full (Democrat) House but to a delegation of one representative per state, regardless of population. A majority of these fifty people choose as President – Donald Trump.

The methods now being used to exclude likely Democrats (especially black, Hispanic, minority-ethnic, low-income, students, disabled people) from the ballot are so blatant as to have embarrassed Trump’s friend and advisor, Vladimir Putin. (I made that up, but only a little.) The familiar method of denying them a convenient polling station, especially one adapted for disabled people, has become even more effective because of the virus. In state after state it is a long and expensive process for them to get a postal ballot instead – and if they do get one Trump has threatened to bankrupt the Post Office so that they cannot use it. Familiar identity documents, especially driving licenses, are suddenly made useless as identity for likely Democrats. They are being disqualified for felonies they never knew they had committed, and made to prove that they are not another person of the same name (or even sometimes a different name. I challenge any British voter to prove that he or she is not registered elsewhere as Lord Buckethead.) Korean-American voters have been asked to sign their names – in Korean, and disqualified if they make a mistake. If, in spite of all this, likely Democrats succeed in getting to a polling station with the expectation of being allowed to vote, they are likely to face Trump supporters mounting ad hoc challenges (on those who look easiest to intimidate.)

I have a proposal for any Americans who are unreasonably prevented from voting. I think it would be very popular, although unfortunately it would be too late to prevent a stolen election. They should withhold their Federal income tax for the next four years. I have a slogan for this protest: no taxation without representation.

Of course, that is not original. But it is out of copyright. Tax rebellions are a hallowed American tradition, and this one might escalate into a second American revolution. Whole communities and counties might withhold their Federal tax from a cheating Chief Executive. Even whole states. Through the Federal budget, ten states (nearly all Democratic) subsidize the other forty. Some of these Blue Democratic states might say to the Red Republican ones: “OK, you gave us this asshole as President, you can pay for him.”

In a second Trump administration based on force and fraud, public morality may collapse in the United States, as more and more Americans decide that they too will do things the Trump way: tell any lie they choose, break any law they choose, do down any other American they choose. If that happens, I will not drive a car in Trump’s United States.

17. June 2020 by rkh
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