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Two coronaballads…

A Viral Romance

A fine romance with no clinches
A fine romance at 78.7 inches
We should be making each other feel desirous
But we’ve been kept apart by this blasted virus.
A fine romance, with no hugging
If this is romance I’d rather have a mugging
We’re spaced out like a couple of desert plants
Our life is a set of can’ts
This is a fine romance.

A fine romance, with no dances
And no close-ups but distant glances:
We used to kick and twirl like a Broadway chorus
But now we keep apart like two lovesick walrus.
A fine romance, my good fellow,
With no love songs unless we bellow.
A fleeting kiss is simply too great a chance,
When we’re locked in durance,
This is a fine romance.

Original lyrics by Dorothy Fields Music by Jerome Kern

New lyrics by Richard Heller

Summer No Holiday

We’re not going on a summer holiday
No more travel until ‘22
Fun and laughter but they’re all now memories:
Lots of worries for me and you
For a week or fifty-two.

We’re watching where the sun shines brightly
We’re watching where the sea is clear,
We’re watching them on the movies
That we made when we went last year.

Lots of people having long summer holidays
In a place they never wanted to
Locked together on a summer holiday
With no way to make their dreams come true
And the kids are stuck too
With me and you.

Original by Brian Bennett and Bruce Welch
New lyrics by Richard Heller and Mick Hodgkin

13. May 2020 by rkh
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