Share Your Shame

Dear X,

I am certain that as an experienced politician you are aware of the widespread collapse of faith in our political system and our governing class in general. If you achieve your ambition to become Prime Minister you will need to reverse this urgently. Whatever this country’s future relationship with the EU, it faces a host of pressing problems at home and abroad. To overcome them, you will need to ask the British people to accept major changes to their present way of life. This will not happen when so many have so little trust in any of their rulers.

One of the biggest contributors to this mood is the perception that people in authority never accept responsibility for error and failure, even when these cause suffering and loss. This sentiment has been expressed regularly in relation to the banking collapse and the Iraq war. I am certain that as a Member of Parliament you have had to fight mightily for thousands of constituents simply to secure an apology from someone in authority for wrongs they have suffered. You must also have encountered constituents’ indignation when dimwits in office glide effortlessly and without penalty along a pathway of honours and other well-paid jobs.

I am therefore writing to all the candidates for leadership of your Party to ask whether you have any proposals to restore and enforce a sense of responsibility in government and public life in general. I invite you to make a personal contribution to this by sharing the episode in your political career of which you are now most ashamed, and your reasons why. This could be anything you have said or done, or anything you failed to say or do when given the opportunity. Your response – or non-response – will tell voters a great deal about you and give a strong guide to your personal and moral qualifications to run our country.

After your Party’s leadership is settled I shall be putting a similar question to the leaders of other political parties.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Heller

07. June 2019 by rkh
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